How to Straighten Out Your Curly Beard Quickly (and Naturally)

Just for the record —  we think curly beards are pretty cool just the way they are.

Embrace your beard, it’s all yours, it’s awesome and completely unique to you — that’s exactly why I want this account of straigthening your beard to be seen more as a “styling” article rather than a “fixing” one. After all, you can’t really fix something that ain’t broken — beards are pretty much meant to be curly.

That said, let’s get to it.

Beard Oil Vs Balm: What’s the Difference? [Simply Explained]

Should you be using a beard oil or a balm or both even — if you’ve got a short, long beard, curly beard? Do you use them together? Heck, what even are they and do you really need them? Today’s post is covering the lowdown on exactly when you should be using them, when and why.

How to Apply & Use Beard Oil (5 Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

When it comes to using beard oil, it’s by no means rocket science — that said you want to get it right (you know, not using too much — not using too little) that’s why we’ve broken it down into this guide a easy-to-follow simple 5 step process.

What Does Beard Oil Do? 5 Ways it Works to Benefit Your Beard

“Is beard oil a gimmick?”

“Is it really necessary?”

Is it ‘even’ that good for your beard?”

Before, I ventured into beard oil myself, I asked myself those ‘very’ same questions (embracing the inner cynic), is it basically some sort of snake oil?

I mean some of it ain’t cheap, you can easily be looking at twenty bucks plus a bottle — so it’s only natural to consider:

i) what beard oil does (or at least claims to do i.e what benefits does it offer my beard) and ii) does beard oil work (and will it work for ‘my’ beard in particular).

9 Best Beard Balm Reviews 2017 - Editor's Choice Awards

 With the hype of beard oil.

What often gets overlooked (apart from the savvy bearded amongst you) is the true versatility a beard balm has to offer.

(…especially if you “make the most of it” and apply some little known beard-grooming tricks, which we will get to in just a second…).

I like to think of beard balm as basically a quad-agent beard product that is literally just the dry version of beard oil.

Itchy Beard? How Stop it Itching (Right Now) — 8 Step Remedy

Struggling with an itchy beard? It’s probably the most common angst amongst new beard growers, luckily there are a few quick fixes to help soothe the itch and keep irritation it down to a minimum. Today, specifically we will be discussing 8 ways to help you take a holistic approach to remedying your itchy troubles.

Tame Your Scraggly Beard: 7 Treatments to Go from Wiry to Classy

You wake up. Go about your usual ‘getting ready’ routine, stare at yourself in the mirror…

And “Hot DAY’um!”

You can see from the off, you’re having one hell of a bad beard day.

It’s scraggly. Feels itchy. And is rough as toast.

It’s got you down. Not good.

Beard hairs are flying off in every other direction than where they should be — and man, it’s just a mess.

Beard Barber: 6 Things to Ask Before They Trim Your Whiskers

“What can we help you with today, sir?”

 Let’s face it, “girl’s dig a trimmed up beard”

However, if you are a first-time beard grower heading to a traditional barbers to get just that, the above question can actually be a slightly awkward question — given you might not exactly be too sure as what it is you are exactly after or for that matter even what to expect.

  • Do you tell them the shape and style you are after, pointing to a picture for reference?
  • Whether you want it washing or not as well?
  • Or just a classic trim down?

Shave Your Beard for a Job Interview? Here’s When You Should.

With the recent beard uprising — this is a question we’ve been asked about a few times now, particularly from undergrads:

Should I shave my beard for a job interview? And is it really that important?”

Their story usually follows a somewhat similar scene: they’re gunning for a brand new job and have just landed an interview.

Beard Fade: How to Get the ‘Faded Look’ (Blend in Your Hair & Neck)

Although, I’d class it as a slightly more ‘advanced’ skill, once you’ve got the basics nailed down — the faded beard look is a great way of picking up some major beard style points.

It works particularly well with certain hairstyles such as undercuts and the like to get a seamless transition from one to the next. If you do visit a barber often to get your beard trimmed up — it’s certainly something I would ask about to start incorporating.

6 Beard Growth Stages: Time Lapse and Progression [Pictures + Video]

You’re about to embark on the bearded journey to full on beardom? Well, props to you it takes a whole boat load of patience and man determination, but one’s thing for sure — it’s totally worth it.

Of course as you might have come to realise there are a few different stages (specifically around about 6, but you will soon see they gradual overlap — so they aren’t completely distinctive) of beard growth each representing their own obstacles and challenges.

Build Your Beard Grooming Kit (4 Essentials Beardsmen Need)

Despite the “lazy” stigma that gets attached with growing and keeping a beard, any ‘real’ beardsmen (apart from the all natural beard folk) knows that to actually keep his man mane in check it actually takes a fair bit of time and effort.

And a fair wad of monetary investment too (beard products aren’t exactly cheap).

Beard Shampoo, Why Yes You Really Do Need It.

I’ll be honest.

When I first heard about a beard shampoo — I just another gimmicky beard product that’s jumped on the ‘beard oil’ bandwagon.

I knew I should be shampooing my beard, so it wasn’t a question of “should I or should I not shampoo”. It was more, exactly ‘what’ am I meant to be cleaning it with?

Beardbrand Styling Balm (Beard Pomade) Review

Recently I’ve managed to get my hands (and beard) on Beardbrand’s new sculpting balm. 

As you can gather from the name, it’s meant promptly for styling your beard rather offering it moisture that an oil would do and the texture gives me the impression it’s slightly like a beard pomade (given the fact that it can also be used, in fact encouraged to be used in your hair too — and gives a slight shine to it).

Beard Growth Oils: Will they Fulfil Your Full Beard Potential?

If you have been looking to any sort of beard product recently, I’m pretty sure you will have been somewhat chased around the internet with ads that come across something like the above image.

Where you see a guy on the left struggling with no beard — then insert magical ‘special formula’ beard product and bam, you’ve got yourself a fully blown up beard. 

All Beard Care Products [Explained ]— Which Do You Need?

To a new beard grower.

It can be pretty daunting just how many different types of beard care products out there in on the market.

From the likes of beard balm, oil, butter and more — all claiming to do pretty much the same thing — it’s hard to figure out exactly what your beard needs.

Beard Conditioners & Softeners, Do You Really Need Them?

I reckon you will agree with me when I say:

Owning an itchy, irritable and rough beard — certainly ain’t much fun.

It definitely isn’t when you’ve been dosing it with beard oil every day and it’s still not getting to the point you want it at. You’ve pretty given up all hope.

Foil Vs Rotary Shaver: 3 Quick (Yet Important) Differences

Wondering exactly what the difference is between foil and rotary shavers? And, to be honest is it even worth knowing? 

Well to the second question, I can give a brief and short answer: yes, it sort of is. 

I mean its not really something most guys even question, a shaver is a shaver at the end of the day, isn’t it? Well yeah, you’re right there.

Subtle Style Difference: Sweater Vs Sweatshirt

This was actually a question that got emailed into me (after a reader took note of my recent account on ‘pulling off the casual look’, I did a little while back).

And as my reply got a bit long, I thought ahh what the heck.

It might make a half decent blog post, at least that way any other guys who are curious as to exactly what the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt is — can find out. 

Growing a Beard For the First Time [One Month Plan]

Only if it was as simple as putting down your razor.

If want to start growing out your beard *hats off*, but you’re not sure where to start, then this little plan of action should help you out — specifically made for prospective beard growers who are about to embark on the wonderful journey that is bearding.

Right, so let’s get started but firstly, a word of warning. 

10 Celebrity Beards That Will Muster Beard Envy

This was no easy feat.

We’ve rattled our brains long and hard for a “beard ranking” beyond all proportions, searching far and wide to find some of the most glorious beards the world has to offer. From shape to colour consistency, even the way they sway with a slight and sudden breeze.

But, we are proud to say we’ve finally done it and the results are in, a list of 10 rock solid celebrity beards that are the thing of bearded envy (benvy, for short), the facial scruff women wish they could snuggle up to and men wish they could grow — and without further or do, let’s crack into it.

Beard King Bib: Gimmick Or Useful for “Hairy Situations”?

There’s two places you’ve likely come across the Beard King beard bib and that’s either:

  • where they appeared on the shark tank episode 
  • or through their pretty clever and self-acclaimed “viral” videos.

(In fairness, some of their videos are actually pretty good).

Anyhow, I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, so I picked one up. As a result, here I’m going to share my honest thoughts with you, on whether it is truly worth the bang for buck? So if you’ve been teetering on the edge on whether to go ahead and get one — hopefully it will help you choose.