Dyson AM05 Vs AM09 Hot + Cool | 75% Quieter & Still Gorgeous (In-Depth Review)

Eyeing up a Dyson Hot + Cool?

Being a bit of a Dyson fan (pun, sadly intended) myself and then after seeing one of these at my friend’s home office about a week back - I’ve got to say, I’m keen to splurge on one too.

Eyeing up a Dyson Hot + Cool?


Being a bit of a Dyson fan (pun, sadly intended) myself and then after seeing one of these at my friend’s home office about a week back - I’ve got to say, I’m keen to splurge on one too.


Now, granted they are on the pricey side of things, but let’s be frank, it is a gorgeous looking bit of kit and by all accounts it actually does a fantastic job all year round both as a space heater and a fan. The question arises though after looking into it (as I’m sure you’ve come across too if you are reading this) is which model to go for the AM04, AM05 or the latest AM09?


Here, however, I’m breaking down ‘my’ buying decision and highlighting the differences between the Dyson AM05 Vs AM09 only. Why not the AM04? Previously it has undergone a recall, so it does make you wonder (update: the AM05 had undergone a recall as well, which in my eyes puts more favor in with the AM09).


Now for those in a rush - and are after a quick answer up straight as to which is the better model and gives you the best value for money, I think it’s easy - and it’s the one I’m going for, the Dyson AM09 in a sleek satin nickel (ideal for the upcoming man cave project).


A quick overview of the key differences being:


  • Quieter: the significantly reduced noise at which it operates (by 75%, so Dyson claim) meaning it’s easier to get to sleep whilst it runs, plus won’t interrupt the TV.


  • Jet Focus: it is the only fan heater that has a ‘jet focus’ mode for long concentrated airflow - ideal for midnight reading and gaming.


  • Sleeper Timer: making it pretty ideal for helping you to get some kip.


Dyson AM05

Dyson AM09

Jet Control (long range)



Airflow Settings

10 levels

10 levels

Precise Temp Control



Noise Level


75% Quieter

Magnetic Remote Contro



Sleeper Timer







579 mm

595 mm







Power Consumption (Watts)



All information, specifications sourced from Dyson.

Dyson’s Clever Air Multiplier Technology


With regards to looks, the AM05 and AM09 don’t really look any different, however if you look into the features and specs, the AM09 more than edges it - with the practical features implemented.


They both operate through Dyson’s rather smart air multiplier technology (which is how they can be bladeless), they basically act to draw air in through a brushless motor, which is then accelerated through what’s known as a annular aperture flowing through a foil shaped ramp that’s capable of providing a smooth powerful stream of comfortable air flow. Pretty neat, ey?


What makes the AM05 and AM09 a little bit special (compared to the rest of the range of space heaters and stand alone fans etc.) is that they are effective ALL YEAR round, so you get use out of them in the summer to cool you down and a heater for the winter to warm you up.


Hence, a fan heater with no blades of course which is pretty handy in itself - meaning it is super easy to clean (you aren’t battling with a fan cage), nice and safe from curious children (if you were to knock it over, it simply cuts out) and you don’t get that burning type smell when a bit of dust catches the heater - and quite frankly looks like a superb bit of engineering (mentioned before, but gosh it is rather gorgeous). There are a few major differences between the AM05 and AM09 here though when debating which one to go for:


  • Performs 75% quieter


The new AM09 has been independently sealed with the quiet mark award and with that accreditation - solves a big issue that the Dyson AM04 and AM05 were having - the rather disruptive high pitch wailing that was made watching TV or just having a conversation with someone in the same room whilst it’s way up rather difficult - the AM09 although not completely silent is a significant improvement. Sort of a low pitched, small vacuum.


This was achieved apparently through managing to streamline and narrow the channels used to generate the airflow through, they’ve managed to reduce the turbulence which helps to leave the AM09 far quieter than the AM05.


Note: if you do find your model to somewhat whine more than you think it should, there could be a chance that it’s faulty and probably worth calling Dyson about.


  • Same 10 Air flow Settings, slightly more powerful?


Although I can’t find any “official information” to confirm this, second hand reviews have echoed the same statement and I’ve also spoken to some Dyson representatives about whether there’s a power difference, but they couldn’t clarify the details (e.g. the amount of gallons of air it draws in per second, or the speed at which is disperses) but what they have told me is that the AM09 is capable of producing a ‘slightly’ more powerful airflow overall.


A slight concern is that although it is great as a heater, when it performs as a fan - it’s not overly strong so that’s why you would want to make good use of the focused setting on the AM09 (which of course you don’t get on the AM05, as you will see just below).


  • New Jet Focus Control


This is another one of the key features to take note of between the AM09 and AM05 - it’s the fact that you can basically concentrate a singular airflow in one direction - which is of course handy, if you’re the only one in the room. Now that you have the option to go for the dispersed mode if there’s more than one of you, but the AM09 has the ability to just ‘focus’ in on you (apparently the only fan heater to do so), ideal for when I’m wanting to do some late night gaming and reading.


Of course, this allows it to have a further reach as well, if you are all the way on the other side of the room - a dispersed setting might not warm you up quite as much. However, with Jet Focus Control I can be sat all the way on the other side of the room and it can reach me as I get all cozied and snuggled up on the Lazy Boy. That said, I was quite impressed by my friend’s AM05 (he has it in a blue finish, just like you can see above).


  • Precise Degree Control and Intelligent Thermostat


At the time he had his on a heat mode and on oscillation, not exactly sure what temperature it was at - at the time, but what I liked is that it worked it’s way towards the desired temperature (runs on precise temp control down to the very degree, that ranges from 1 to 37 - of course the higher you set it to, the louder it is going to get) and because it is installed with an “intelligent thermostat” - once it reaches that level it’s just a matter of maintaining it.


We actually got a “little geeky” and used a separate thermometer to test what the room temperature was and unsurprisingly the AM05 was spot on. It even accounts for the wind speed setting you set it at, so it adapts the heating element to give the same heating effect - pretty neat.


In fact they both claim to use “approximately 30% less energy to heat the whole room than other fan heaters” and that it “can lower energy bills by upto 20% when it’s used with air conditioning”. I’ll come back to you how it’s hit my bottom line with the bills, I’ve got to say I’m a little sceptical, but we’ll see. If you have seen anyone else who has had such results and tested out, please be sure to reach out because I’d be interested to see.


  • Infra Red Remote


They both also come with the addition of a rather sleek looking remote control that’s curved and magnetized to sit on the top of your Hot + Cool. A little detail but a rather fitting one, I’m sure I will come to appreciate. You change temperature control as well as oscillation settings, you can function the entire fan from the touch of a button. The only thing you do have to do manually though is ‘tilt it’, the AM05 and AM09 tilt on about a 10 degree pivot - a simple push through and it will hold it’s position.

A slight difference is that the AM05 had all the settings set on the base itself as well, to neatening things up the AM09 only has the on/off switch and the settings need to be changed by the IR remote only. My only concern is that, I’ve read a few instances where the remote seems to be a little on the “insensitive” side of things and requires some vigorous pointing, which could be a potential pain. Could be a potential mark against the AM09 in my book.


  • Sleeper Timer


The added advantage of it being much quieter of course, is when it comes to the bedroom too. With it being much quieter, you actually stand a chance of getting to sleep. It used to be a constant trade off between cold/heat and noise - finding yourself flicking between the two. If you wanted to cool the room down, you would use a fan, of course the issue with old school fans is - that they make a tonne of noise, preventing you from getting kip - so you can’t win either way.


With the AM09 however, it could well be put to bed (excuse another pun). With the AM09, they’ve also introduced a sleeper timer - effectively this allows you to program it to work in intervals ranging from precisely 15 minutes to 9 hours. So it can work just when you need it to.


There are a couple of slight concerns though. I’m not great with light being on in the same room at night, so the fact the LED display stays on all night at full brightness might not be great (update: Dyson have made it dimmable on later models apparently). There have also been reports that the oscillation makes a slight clicking noise in some models, one fellow has taken his apart, added a bit of lubricant and seems to have done the trick - personally I would take it back to Dyson. However, if you have it at a high enough setting (he claims a speed 5) then you can’t hear it over the fan operation.

Do you go for the AM05 or AM09?


For me the fact that the noise is ‘significantly’ less on the AM09 than the AM05 is sort of what seals the deal, plus the obvious fact of Jet Focus Control which is what makes it actually useful as a fan.


Of course it isn’t the cheapest “fan” in the world, but what do you expect? At the end of the day, you are getting a fan heater that’s pretty much unrivalled in what it does. They both are a piece of engineering excellence - they look gorgeous, they are simple to operate (although the remote does take a little getting used to), are 30% more efficient and are far superior in the methods of directing airflow than other standard heater fans, incredibly quiet and even take account of the little details (such as the curved magnetic remote to sit on top). All of which is accounted for in the price, but like with most things you get what you pay for.


Could a cheaper space heater do pretty much the same job? Heat wise, probably, but it ain’t going to look anywhere close as cool as this, nor is it going to be as accurate or comfortable and once you are done with it you’ve got to put it away in the cupboard for half the year. Of course, it’s not for everyone, however I am thinking this is going to fit the bill perfectly my up and coming man cave.